The Firm was founded in 1967, and was then known as Rana Law Chambers. The now, Rana Ijaz & Partners offer litigation and advisory services to a number of areas, which include company law, foreign investment, white collar crime, banking law, intellectual property, trade law, and international commercial.

For the last 7 years in a row, the firm has been listed as one of the leading law firms in Pakistan by the Legal 500. When we take into account the combined experience of the firm’s partners here in Pakistan and in the USA, it is more than 70 years worth of work experience. This experience allows their lawyers to understand the requirements and the objectives of foreign clients. Apart from this they have a complete open channel to discuss legal strategies with other lawyers, in connection to the legal working in Pakistan.

The firm holds a broad base of clients, which includes international banks, and other corporations seeking legal advice. They offer their services to both local and international companies that need representation and advice regarding the legal system of Pakistan. These legal matters are connected to their business, and these services are ongoing; depending on the nature of the business. Both foreign and local businesses seeking for legal aid can take up the advisory services of Rana Ijaz & Partners. Here are other services they provide.

Arbitration & ADR

Their lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques, and set to take on commercial arbitration.

Banking and Finance

They offer their legal services as litigators and advisors to various financial institutes, both local and international. They work in loan recoveries, finance recoveries, and other financial areas.

Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Restructuring

They offer legal assistance to companies in financial distress, and companies that have filed for liquidation or bankruptcy.

Civil & Criminal Litigation

Represents and assists both local and foreign clients in litigation that is spanning across two or more national jurisdictions. The firm takes on all areas of these proceedings to ensure a strong, and consistent approach.

Corporate/Financial Transactions

Assistance to foreign lenders and domestic companies in international transactions.

Corporate/Global Immigration

Advises and assists international companies on a range of corporate immigration cases that include gaining work permits for foreign nationals, extension of work permits, business visas, de-registration of work visa documents and ensuring their compliance with immigration rules and regulations in Pakistan.

Cross-border Financial Transactions

They offer advice on Pakistani banking and financial laws. Along with foreign exchange regulation, that too in relation with cross-border financial activities.


They offer their legal services to the energy sector in relation with oil, gas and electrical power generation.

Family Law

They specialize in family law, and assist their clients regarding legal issues that are related to child custody, and dissolution of marriage.

Foreign Investment

They offer advice in relation to foreign investment in Pakistan. The services include giving advice related to Pakistan’s investment policy.

Intellectual Property

They help in preparing applications for patents and trademark registrations. That allow clients to pursue these applications through issuance by the IPO. Which protects them against infringement of their intellectual property.

International Commercial Transactions

They possess knowledge of both domestic and international trade practices and law. They offer comprehensive litigation and advisory services to their clients in relation to contractual disputes that involve non-conforming goods, non-payment and fraud & misrepresentation committed by a party.

Labor Laws

Offer clients legal assistance in cases that involve labor insurance, labor contracts and in the settlement of labor disputes.

Real Estate Transactions

Assignment and transfer of land rights, management and development of land, residential and commercial purchases and sales, property based debt, mortgages, and restructuring and rescheduling.

Securities & Capital Markets

Represent the underwriters and the initial purchasers in relation with security offerings and listing of stock exchange. They also handle other related matters keeping in mind their legal obligations.

Tax Laws

Advises clients on tax related issues, that can be on commercial transactions or joint ventures, even share purchase agreements or purchase of a business. Their lawyers offer advice to foreign clients on tax implications related to their investments in Pakistan.

White Collar Crime

The firm has a large practice group that focuses completely on the area of white collar crimes.

Rana Ijaz & Partners
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