Hafeez Pirzada Law and Associates, also known as HPLA are one of the leading law firms in Pakistan that offers complete legal services, and is based in Islamabad and Karachi. The firm mostly advises on aspects related to criminal and civil law in Pakistan. Which covers both non-contentious which are transnational matters, and contentious which are litigation related matters.

The firm was established by Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, a barrister and a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was known as a leading expert in Administrative and Constitutional law, as he was the author of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The firm is currently run by Abdul Sattar Pirzada, who is also a barrister and an advocate in the Supreme court of Pakistan. Due to such influential people as their leaders HPLA has been able to flourish amazing results over the years. The firm consists of members who are self-employed, but still a part of the team. These are barristers and lawyers from Superior Court, paralegals, and other support staff working and sharing office with HPLA. The firm consists of experienced members and vibrant fresh barristers, that can offer clients swift, practical, and insightful legal advice and solutions.

The members of the firm are diverse in nature, and in the areas of their practices. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Construction
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Competition Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Energy and Power
  • Family Law
  • Insurance
  • International trade
  • Arbitration
  • Civil Litigation
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Customs and Excise
  • Drugs and Pharmaceutical Laws
  • Environmental Law
  • Foreign Investments
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Trade
  • Media and IT
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Privatization
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate, Taxation, & Property
  • Telecommunication

The advocates and barristers are actively practicing law, ensuring that they are up to date with the current changes, and will be in sync with any changes that might be made in the future. This ensure them to be at the top of their game, and allows them to have full grasp on their area of expertise.

Members of this firm appear in both civil, criminal, and district courts, and other tribunals of Pakistan. Each case is taken over by a seasoned advocate who specializes in the field. The firm has enough resources to cover each case from inception till the last document has been signed. They deal in matters across borders, and can help clients in various legal matters. The firm is based in Pakistan, but they hold a strong knowledge of international law.

When speaking of transnational matters, also known as non-contentious matters; the members of the firm advise and act on the behalf of clients from various multinational industries. Such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco manufacturers, food chains, telecommunication companies, cement manufacturers, construction companies, media and publishing houses, oil and gas refineries, education institutions, and financial institutions.

The firm is capable and fully equipped to take on any minor and major case, and keeps its doors opens for national and international clients who are seeking help with the legal sector in Pakistan.

Office Adress

7/A 1st Sunset Street,
Defence Housing Authority, Phase II
Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: +92 21 35383139
Tel: +92 21 35313189
Fax: +92 21 35383034